Christian Intentional Communities in Kansas

About Christian Intentional Community

Christian Intentional communities in Kansas come in many shapes and sizes. Although all of these communities can be characterized by their commitment to intentionally-lived faith, each community looks different in practice.  For example:

  • Some intentional communities are incorporated as 501c3 nonprofit organizations, and are highly structured (such as The Light Center, in Baldwin City, Kansas).  Other intentional communities are very informal, and look more like roommate-living situations (take a look at the transcript of an interview with Chris Husbands to get an idea of what these informal groups look like).
  • While some Christian intentional communities welcome those of all denominations (Chris Husbands shares his thoughts on living with religious others), others prefer to live with those who closely share their beliefs (Alyssa Smith shares her thoughts on this).
  • Many Christian intentional community members decide to pool some or all of their income into joint banking accounts (Adrianne Shower-Matlock talks about this in her interview; Cherith Brook is a good example of this as well). Others keep their incomes separate, and practice community in different ways.
  • For some Christians, intentional living translates into communal living in a shared house or space (take a look at Jerusalem Farm, or read what Lonnie has to say about communal living at Cherith Brook).  For others, communal living can be accomplished by buying houses within the same zip code (The Oak Park Community, the Rock, and Argentine Neighborhood are all good examples of this).
  • Some communities are more outwardly focused, and place great emphasis on social justice programs (community members at L’Arche Heartland share their home with persons with disabilities; Jerusalem Farm offers low-cost home repair).  Others have a more inward focus, and are more intent on forging relationships with house members, rather than others in the neighborhood (Joshua Smith discusses these various types of community in his interview).

To learn more about the various incarnations of Christian intentional community in Kansas, explore some of the common themes of these communities: a commitment to interpersonal relationships, sustainability and simple living, and social justice.


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