Christian Intentional Communities in Kansas

Current Communities

Intentional communities are by no means permanent.  While several Christian intentional communities listed below are firmly rooted and established in Kansas (such as Cherith Brook, and L’Arche Heartland), others have since dissolved (Anavah House), moved into new spaces, or changed shape entirely.  The list below is not exhaustive or complete.  Many communities prefer to remain off-grid, and aren’t easily located or contacted.  For the communities with established web-precense, I link to their self-created website or directory.  For groups that haven’t created websites, I link to news articles, blog posts, or other sources of information that discuss the community and it’s members.  Since Christian intentional communities are in constant flux and evolution, this usefulness of this list has a relatively quick expiration date.  However, it may, in the future, provide a starting point of research, and useful contacts for those interested in this social movement.

Jerusalem Farm – Kansas City, Kansas

Mosaic – Wichita, Kansas

Anavah House – Kansas City, Kansas

The Light Center – Baldwin City, Kansas

Cherith Brook – Kansas City, Missouri

Oak Park Community – Kansas City, Missouri

The House Studio – Kansas City, Missouri

Argentine Neighborhood – Kansas City, Kansas

The Downtown Campus – Kansas City, Missouri

The Rock – Kansas City, Missouri

L’Arche Heartland – Overland Park, Kansas


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