Christian Intentional Communities in Kansas

Interview Transcripts

Click on the links below to be redirected to a PDF copy of each interview.  Interview recordings and transcripts can also be accessed through the Religion in Kansas database.  Below, I provide a short description of each interview’s contents.

Adrianne Shower-Matlock – conducted in June 2014, this interview focuses on Adrianne Shower-Matlock’s 5-year experience living in Christian intentional community in Kansas City, Kansas. Matlock—a 29 year old graduate student in Sociology at the University of Kansas—no longer lives in intentional community, but provides valuable insight into how and why some of these communities disband.  Other interview topics cover day-to-day life within intentional community, logistical considerations of intentional living, and philosophies of intentional Christian life. This interview has been removed.

Chris Husbands: here, Chris Husbands, a 24-year old Kansas City resident, discusses his 7-years of experience living in various Christian intentional communities and group homes, both within and outside of Kansas.  This interview focuses on the social justice goals, sustainable practices, and evangelizing aspects of Christian intentional community.  Husbands discusses the merits of various historical kinds of Christian aid, and analyzes the kinds of social justice projects which intentional communities commonly engage in.

Joshua and Alyssa Smith: Joshua and Alyssa Smith, a couple living in Kansas City, Kansas, discuss their long histories with Christian intentional community.  Both graduate students in theology, Joshua and Alyssa briefly lived in a loosely-organized intentional community in Liberty, Missouri. While they attempted to establish an intentional community in Kansas City—Anavah House—they do not currently have enough support to actualize the community.  Joshua and Alyssa discuss what attracts them to the idea of Christian intentional living and the difficulties they experienced while trying to establish a community of their own.

Lonnie: a 57-year old member of Cherith Brook discusses how he came to join this Christian intentional community.  Formerly homeless, Lonnie first attended Cherith Brook to receive free meals and showers, and eventually ended up joining the household and moving in.  Lonnie discusses how intentional living has changed the way he experiences his faith, touches on the difficulties he’s had through his experiences as an openly gay Christian man, and shares his thoughts on why Christian intentional communities are so effective at providing charity and aid to the poor.

2014A and 2014B: In this interview, two (anonymous) members of a L’Arche intentional community in Overland Park, Kansas, describe life within community. They talk about the mission statement of L’Arche—which includes sharing life with adults with disabilities—and briefly outline the founding of the movement. This transcript includes a description of a typical day within this community, and a brief discussion of the difficulties they faced when trying to integrate into the broader Overland Park community.

Joshua Shepherd: In this interview, Joshua Shepherd discusses the organization of his intentional community in Kansas City, Kansas. He covers the ideology of intentional community, the purpose of living intentionally, and his ideas of social justice. Notably, he talks about the imperative of racial reconciliation within New Monasticism.


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