Christian Intentional Communities in Kansas

Religion in Kansas Project

The Religion in Kansas Project began in 2009, and was inaugurated via a fieldwork course at the University of Kansas taught by Religious Studies professor Timothy Miller.  The course, entitled “Religion in Kansas,” sent students across the state to interview religious Kansans about their faith beliefs.  The project was launched as a repository for these interviews, and grew to accommodate archival data of religious peoples of all faiths in Kansas.  As of January 2014, the Religion in Kansas Project collection included interviews with over seventy Kansans.  This collection is housed in, and made accessible through, the Moore Reading Room and is managed by the University of Kansas Department of Religious Studies.  The project’s data is also available at its website.

The Religion in Kansas Project seeks to expand its  scope to become a comprehensive clearinghouse for resources and information documenting the historical and contemporary role of religion in the lives of Kansans – in both the personal and the public spheres – with an emphasis on making resources available online. The project partnera with libraries, archives, museums, religious communities, and individuals throughout the state to facilitate the digitization and preservation of resources that document the diversity of religious tradition and experience in Kansas.

This website adds to the Religion in Kansas Project by compiling, and making accessible, the narratives of Kansans living in Christian Intentional Communities.  The narratives made available on this site increase the visibility and awareness of this growing movement, as it is represented in the state of Kansas.  More broadly, this website adds to the Religion in Kansas Project by documenting the diversity of faith expression in Kansas.



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